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Why use a Travel Advisor

A travel advisor, also known as a travel agent or travel consultant, is a professional who helps individuals and organizations plan and book their travel arrangements. Their primary role is to assist clients in making informed decisions about their travel plans and to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience. Here are some key responsibilities and tasks of a travel advisor:


  1. Research and Planning:
    • Gather information about destinations, transportation options, accommodations, and other travel-related services.
    • Stay updated on travel trends, visa requirements, and any other relevant information.
  2. Customer Consultation:
    • Consult with clients to understand their preferences, budget, and specific requirements for the trip.
    • Provide personalized recommendations based on client preferences and needs.
  3. Booking Services:
    • Make reservations for flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and other travel-related services.
    • Ensure that bookings align with the client's preferences and budget constraints.
  4. Documentation:
    • Assist clients with the necessary travel documentation, such as passports, visas, and travel insurance.
    • Provide information on vaccination requirements and health regulations.
  5. Customized Itineraries:
    • Create detailed travel itineraries that include information on flights, accommodations, activities, and transportation.
  6. Problem Resolution:
    • Address any issues or complications that may arise during the booking process or the trip itself.
    • Provide assistance in case of cancellations, delays, or other unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Promotions and Discounts:
    • Stay informed about promotions, discounts, and special offers from travel suppliers to provide cost-effective options for clients.
  8. Customer Service:
    • Offer ongoing support to clients before, during, and after their trip.
    • Provide guidance on travel-related questions and concerns.
  9. Payment Handling:
    • Manage financial transactions, including processing payments for bookings.
    • Ensure that clients receive receipts and confirmations for their reservations.
  10. Stay Informed:
    • Keep up-to-date with changes in travel regulations, industry trends, and new travel products and services.

Overall, a travel agent acts as a liaison between clients and travel service providers, aiming to make the travel planning process convenient and enjoyable for their clients. They leverage their knowledge and expertise to create tailored travel experiences while handling logistical details and addressing any issues that may arise.

LISAFIT Travel Service Options

  • Booking Agent: This service involves clients asking us to book their, fully planned, vacation. There are no fees associated with this service, because we’re simply facilitating bookings based on the information provided.
  • Travel Agent: In this service, clients tell us where they want to go, and we perform some research, provide quotes and book the vacation for them. However, there is a fee of $250 associated with this service, covering our time and expertise in finding the best options, based on information gathered at the customer consultation.
  • Travel Planner: This service is the most comprehensive, involving extensive planning and research, such as organizing European tours. It comes with a fee of $500, reflecting the additional work and expertise required to plan more complex trips. We are likely to spend in excess of 30 hours completing these plans.

Clients can choose the service that best suits their needs and budget, ranging from simply booking to full-service trip planning and organization.


What we promise you:

 Personalized Itineraries: Our dedicated team takes the time to understand your desires and designs a bespoke itinerary that reflects your individuality.

Exclusive Access: Enjoy exclusive access to handpicked accommodations, private tours, and unique experiences that go beyond the typical tourist path.

Seamless Planning: Leave the logistics to us. We take care of all the details, ensuring a seamless and stress-free travel experience from start to finish.

Global Expertise: Benefit from our extensive network of travel professionals worldwide, providing you with insider insights and local expertise in every destination.

24/7 Support: Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end with the booking. Our team is available around the clock to assist you during your journey.


Please contact us to set up a free phone consultation.


Client Testimonials

Stress Free Vacation

Reviewed By Doreen - Souderton PA | Traveled to Playa Del Carmen ~ Quintana Roo ~ Mexico

Lisafit Travel is thoroughly invested in making sure your vacation is as stress free as possible. All the loose ends are taken care of and followed up on. If there is an issue Lisa is there to address it immediately and find good resolution. Takes the work out of planning a vacation. My once skeptical husband will no longer plan a major trip without using Lisafit Travel.


 Service Beyond Expectations

The trip overall was excellent! I responded to Rob on my phone about the great service for the parking service. The hotel was awesome, pool was wonderful and the perfect temperature, shops and restaurants were great too. The transportation to and from the airport was awesome in every way. I definitely will recommend LISAFIT Travel to my friends and family.

You served us beyond well!


Great Trip thanks to LISAFIT Travel

Reviewed By Emma - Souderton, PA | Traveled to Playa Del Carmen ~ Quintana Roo ~ Mexico

Thank you Lisa for planning my husbands 30th birthday trip to Mexico! Lisa made transportation super easy to and from the airport. We had a beautiful room and view of the resort. We had the adult pool and bar right outside of our room making it super convenient for a pleasant stay. She gave us suggestions of where to eat and get good drinks as with covid restrictions things are a bit different these days. This place by far has the best food and a beautiful view of the jungle, in my experience as this is our 3rd trip to Mexico and 2nd time lisa planned our trip. If you like wild life and a fun scene of people I would recommend this place and Lisa. Feeding the monkey's were an awesome plus to this place! The Fives Hotels


Europe trip

Reviewed By Europe - Lansdale | Traveled to Prague ~ Czech Republic ~ Europe

Yes for sure, Lisa was great to deal with and could reach her at anytime. She was very accommodating and super helpful.


 Great Family Trip!

Reviewed By Karin - Jenkintown PA | Traveled to Ireland ~ Europe

Lisa and Rob met and exceeded all expectations. They guided us through this entire journey, making everything go smoothly, sending updates before we even knew we needed them and kept us informed so we never felt unprepared. Lisa was terrific at making suggestions that made the trip easier, like upgrading the flight. Lisa was in touch with me during our trip to make sure everything was going well. We appreciate both of them so much and would highly suggest their services to anyone.


 Best trip ever!

The resort was awesome. Customer service, food, accommodations were all first class. Lisa took care of every detail. Her agency is the best I have ever used to book a vacation. I would definitely use LISAFIT Travel exclusively, no doubt. They get the best deals for their customers and treat you like you matter. Great trip! Try LISAFIT travel. You won’t be disappointed.

Dean, North Carolina


 Honeymoon Bliss! We loved Serenity Bay!

Also our travel agent was amazing!!! Checking in with us and making sure things were going smoothly 🙂

Heather, Quakertown, PA