Our Mission

To provide lifelong memories.

We look to deliver stress free and memorable vacations based on your needs and desires. We get to know each client’s expectations for their trip so that we can provide unique experiences for them.   We are happy to book the most basic of package vacations or to provide unique, luxury travel packages.


Lisa McLaren

Lisa boasts extensive firsthand experience in traveling throughout the USA and the Caribbean, having embarked on over 20 cruises. Additionally, she has explored various parts of Europe on more than 30 occasions. While she excels as a cruise specialist, Lisa finds equal enjoyment in staying at all-inclusive resorts. Despite her proficiency on the slopes of the North East, owing to her time in New England and Pennsylvania, she finds ultimate bliss lounging on the beach (alright, maybe significantly happier). Driven by her lifelong passion for travel, Lisa established LISAFIT Travel to assist others in creating enduring memories. Continuously honing her expertise through diligent study, Lisa's comprehensive knowledge renders her the ideal travel agent.

Rob by boats small

Rob McLaren

Rob, a native of Britain, resided in England for more than four decades until his relocation to Pennsylvania in 2012 to unite with Lisa in marriage. His wanderlust has led him across much of Europe, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. During his adolescence, he enjoyed a six-month sojourn in Australia, affording him ample opportunity to explore the vast expanse of the country. Sharing Lisa's passion for exploration, he revels in discovering new destinations and engaging with diverse cultures. His familial connections in the United States have granted him access to unique locales, enriching his understanding of this remarkable nation.