Our Mission

To provide lifelong memories.

We look to deliver stress free and memorable vacations based on your needs and desires. We get to know each client’s expectations for their trip so that we can provide unique experiences for them.   We are happy to book the most basic of package vacations or to provide unique, luxury travel packages.


Lisa McLaren

Lisa has firsthand knowledge of travel in and around the USA as well as all over the Caribbean, having been on over 20 cruises.  She is obviously a bit of a cruise specialist, but is just as content going to an all-inclusive resort. She is almost as happy skiing as she is on the beach (ok maybe a lot happier on the beach) but having lived in New England in her earlier years and now in PA, she has skied a lot of the slopes in the North East.  She has always loved to travel and decided she wanted to help others gather some lasting memories, and this led her to start LISAFIT Travel.

Rob by boats small

Rob McLaren

Rob is British and lived in England for over 40 years before moving to Pennsylvania in 2012 to marry Lisa. He has traveled around most of Europe as well as the UK and Ireland. He had a 6 month stay in Australia as a teenager, being able to travel a lot of that vast country. Like Lisa he loves to travel, see new sights and meet new people. Due to having some family in the US he has traveled to some unique areas, which has given him many insights into this incredible country.